Winter League Results

GWR Winter Doubles competition 2015/2016

Round 8 and the last round – Sunday 20th March

Bob Birchmore and I, Roger Hutchinson,  travelled to Larkhall for the final round and were very impressed with the new facilities that the City of Bath Pétanque Club have at Larkhall football club.
On the day our play was less impressive as we lost both of our games. The first against Double D from the Horton club was neck and neck up to 7 7, but a 5 scored by Dave and Dee scuppered us and we lost 13 7. Our next game was against a changed Cod and Chips pair as Clive and Christine were busy playing for the Codrington and beating Southampton in an EPA match. So our opponents were 2 French men who didn’t really let us get into our stride, the game was over quite quickly with Cod and Chips winning by 13 3 and winning the tournament as a result, with us finishing 20th out of 21 pairs!

Results of Round 7 – Sunday 28th February

Well 3 respectable, tight games on Sunday morning at Filton all 3 resulting in losses for the Ratepayers Arms. Firstly we los 13 6 against Equipe Cary from Bath, we then reached 9 9 against the Fanny Club from Bath before losing 13 – 9 and we staged something of a fightback against Larkhall (no prizes for guessing where these are from) when they stalled on 12 and we went down 13 10. Somewhat annoying that we have beaten a couple of the top teams and held our own against others but find ourselves 20th out of 21 in the table. The final round is at Larkhall on 20th March, where we play the other 2 teams in our group, but with not much opportunity to improve our position.

Results of Round 6 – Sunday 21st February 2016

This round was played at the Ship at Keynsham where again the Ratepayers Arms had mixed results, but the improvement that was noticeable in round 5 continued into round 6.  The pair made a good start against MGB and after losing the first couple of ends moved into a 10 – 5 lead.  This was pulled back to 10 – 10  and MGB finally went on to win 13 – 10, after numerous shots leading to the use of the measure, which showed how close it was in fact.  Their second game was against third placed pair the Montys and whilst they were smarting from a 0 – 13 loss in their previous game, they beat the RPA by 13 – 2 who just didn’t cope with the slope and and the effect of the rain on the piste.  They did however finish as they started, but better it by beating the Saxons by 13  –  9 in another long and tight game.  All in all the RPA pair were quite satisfied with their performance against 3 very good pairs from the Cricklade Club.

MGB (Cricklade) 13 RPA 10

The Montys (Cricklade) 13  RPA  2

RPA  13  Saxons (Cricklade)  9

Round 7 will be on the 28th February at the Filton Pétanque Club at Elm Park Fillton.

Results of Round 5 – Sunday January 31st 2016

The Ratepayers Arms team played at the Codrington, Yate and had their best round of the competition so far.  It started badly with a 0  13 loss, but was followed by two winning games, the last seeing them beat the competition leaders.

The Shipmates (The Ship Keynsham)  13  RPA  0

EMMs (Horton)  5   RPA  13

The Jays (The Ship)  10  RPA 13

The next round takes the Ratepayers Arms to the Ship at Keynsham on

Sunday 21st February.

Round 4

The group of 3 teams which includes the Ratepayers Arms did not take part in this round.

Results of Round 3 – Sunday 6th December

Round 3 took the Ratepayers Arms pair to Horton on a damp Sunday morning.  Unfortunately after a better round 2, round 3 turned out to be  a real challenge.  In the event Bob Birchmore and I (Roger Hutchinson)  lost all 3 of our games as follows:

No Chance (name a little misleading, from Horton) 13 Ratepayers Arms 5

Les Routiers (not sure of home piste) 13 Ratepayers Arms 5

Horton (Horton) 13  Ratepayers Arms 0

Results of Round 2 – Sunday 1st November

For round 2 and subsequent rounds teams are split into 2 venues, the Ratepayers Arms team had been drawn to play at Cricklade Leisure Centre, home of the Saxons, while the second venue for this round was our home piste at Filton.  This round was an improvement for the Ratepayers Arms team, winning 1 game and losing 2, one quite tight game against the early leaders,Norman Conquest, who have so far played 6 and won 6 Team members were Roger Hutchinson and Bob Birchmore.

Bull Hitters (The Red Bull, Malmsbury) 13   Ratepayers Arms  4

Ratepayers Arms 13  Malmsbury Muse (Red Bull)   9

Norman Conquest (Cricklade)  13  Ratepayers Arms  7

The Ratepayers Arms currently lie 19th in the 21 team league.

Results of the first round – Sunday 18th October

The first round was held at the Red Bull at Malmsbury with 18 of the 21 pairs entered taking part.  Only the Ratepayers Arms team from the Filton Club this year who recorded 3 losses, in spite of a couple of tight games and a good comeback from a poor start in the third.  Team members were Roger Hutchinson and Pat Mullin

Sham Boules 13  Ratepayers Arms 9

Red Bull 13 Ratepayers Arms 4

Far and Away 13 Ratepayers Arms 10

GWR Winter Doubles competition 2014/2015

Results of the first round of the winter doubles – Sunday 26th October.
Cinq Haute played at Cricklade Leisure Centre and recorded 2 wins and 1 loss:
Shipmates 13 Cinq Haute 5
Cinq Haute 13 Horton 4
Cinq Huate 13 No Chance 7
The Ratepayers Arms played at the Ship, Keynsham and faired less well losing 3 0:
Double C 13 RPA 7
The Fanny Club 13 RPA 4
Alexandra Park 13 RPA 5
Positions in league are Cinq Haute 10th and Ratepayers Arms 18th

Results of the second round of the winter doubles – Sunday 2nd November

Both teams played at Filton.
Cinq Haute had 1 win and 2 losses:
Bunjacs 13 Cinq Haute 10
The Jays 13 Cinq Haute 8
The Ratepayers Arms 9 Cinq Haute 13
So the Ratepayers had some good games, closer then the score of one in particular would suggest:
Ratepayers 13 Bye 0
Ratepayers 2 Saxons 1 13
Ratepayers 9 Cinq Haute 13
Positions after this week are Cinq Haute 12th and RPA 17th
Despite the weather which was bad but good in parts and not as wet as it might have been everyone seemed to be pleased with the piste and hospitality and with the sale of coffee and some profit from the soup and rolls we made £45 for club funds.

Results of Round 3 of the winter doubles – Sunday 23rd November

Another round of the Winter Doubles was played on Sunday 23rd November with both the Ratepayers Arms and Cinq Haute playing at the Ship at Keynsham.
The Ratepayers broke their duck at last, winning their first game quite emphatically. Cinq Haute were less fortunate this time, but had the benefit of a bye in their first game..
Cinq Haute:
Cinq Haute bye 13 0
Archers 13 Cinq Haute 1
Sham Boules 13 Cinq Haute 8
Ratepayers Arms:
Ratepayers Arms 13 No Chance 1
Horton 13 Ratepayers Arms 3
The Ship 13 Ratepayers Arms 7
Next round is on Sunday 7th December when the Ratepayers Arms travel to Cricklade Leisure Centre the home of the Saxons Club and Cinq Haute return to the Ship at Keynsham

Results for Round 4 of the winter doubles – Sunday 7th December

For the last of the Winter Doubles of 2014 Cinq Haute travelled again to the Ship at Keynsham with the following results:
Cinq Haute 3 Far + Away 13
Cinq Huate 4 Red Bull 13
Cinq Haute 13 Bye 0
The Ratepayers Arms were at the Leisure Centre at Cricklade:
Ratepayers Arms 4 Sham Boules 13
Ratepayers Arms 13 Dianamite 1
Ratepayers Arms 13 Bye 0

At the end of 2014 Cinq Haute are in 15 place with the Ratepayers Arms pair at 16th.

Next round is on Sunday 11th January 2015 when both teams play at Horton.

Results for Round 5 of the Winter Doubles – Sunday 11th January

Here are the results for the Winter Doubles round from Sunday 11th January.
Cinq Haute travelled to the Codrington Arms and because the group that they were playing against had a vacancy (Reserve) and one of the other teams didn’t turn up they had 2 byes resulting in
Cinq Haute 13 Bye 0 Compton Grinders were absent
Cinq Haute 3 Double D’s 13
Cinq Haute 13 Bye 0
The Ratepayers Arms team travelled to Horton and one bye because of a reserve in the opposing group. Their results were:
Ratepayers Arms 13 Red Bull 11
Ratepayers Arms 13 Bye 0
Ratepayers Arms 1 Far + Away 13
League placings remain Cinq Haute at 15th and the Ratepayers Arms 16th.
Filton Pétanque Club are hosting the next round at Elm Park on Sunday 25th January

Results for Round 6 of the Winter Doubles – Sunday 25th January

Here are the results for round 6 of the Winter Doubles held at Filton with both teams playing locally.
The Ratepayers Arms had the easiest but frustrating morning with 2 byes, as Cinq Haute did in round 5, so the results were:
Ratepayers 13 bye 0
Ratepayers 13 bye 0
Ratepayers 13 Double D’s 5
Cinq Haute 1 Saxons 3 13
Cinq Haute 13 Larkhall 9
Cinq Haute 9 Saxons 2 13
This has made a minor change to the current league positions with the Ratepayers moving up 1 place to 15th being replaced at 16th by Cinq Haute.
Once again there was a lot of praise for our piste and preparation which is always good to hear.

The Penultimate round 7 of the Winter doubles was held on Sunday 8th February

Both Filton Teams travelled to Cricklade Leisure Centre for this round.on a cold but sunny Sunday morning.

The results were as follows:
Cinq Haute 11 Alexandra Park 13
Cinq Haute 13 Double C 7
Cinq Haute 2 Fanny Club 13
Ratepayers Arms 13 Larkhall 9
Ratepayers Arms 0 Saxons 2 13
Ratepayers Arms 13 Saxons 3 2
This has changed the overall league table slightly with the Ratepayers Arms now at 14th and Cinq Haute at 16th.
However, congratulations must go to Cinq Haute, Bob and Jackie, for beating 3rd placed Double C in their second match.

The final round will be held on Sunday 22nd March at the Red Bull at Malmsbury, where all teams will take part at the single venue.

Results of the 8th and Final Round of the Winter Doubles held on 22nd March

Sorry, a bit late but the following are the results for our club teams at the final round of the GWR Winter Doubles last Sunday at the Red Bull Malmsbury.

Cinq Haute 13  Bye 0
Cinq Haute 13 Saxons 1 1

Ratepayers Arms 5  Bunjacs 13

Ratepayers Arms 7  The Jays 13 

In the final results the Jays came first, the Fanny Club second, Double C third and Saxons 2 fourth. The Ratepayers Arms finished 15th and Cinq Haute 16th.

Both of our teams won 11 games and lost 12, the Ratepayers won 207 points with 185 against and Cinq Haute scored 208 points with 195 against leaving a points difference for the Ratepayers of 22 and for Cinq Haute of 13, that can only be called close!

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